I love auctions.  My favourite ones are held monthly in local village halls, you never know what is going to be there.  There are no online listings in advance, you have to go and have a look, take pot lot, sometimes there are rich pickings, sometimes nothing.  If I can’t make one I do feel regret at what I might have missed!

In January I left the house just as it was getting light to go and have a good rummage at my favourite monthly auction held in a village hall  in Radley, Oxfordshire. I came home with two lots, a small box of old toys and games and this delightful handmade 14 drawer storage chest full of electronic spares.  I’m guessing it’s previous owner did repairs in the 1970s and 80s.

At first my intention was to sell the contents on ebay and use the chest to store my postage stamps. But then my creative side kicked in and I decided to upcycle the contents and make some new greeting card designs.  This involved buying a soldering iron –  I do love a new bit of kit.  It also took me right back to my very first job working as a lab assistant where I first learnt to use a soldering iron, and at one point ended up with a trip to A&E after flicking some solder into my eye!

Here are the first designs I have made, both have sold well in the lead up to Valentines Day.

The geek card is my favourite and will be staying in the range.  I’m very excited and looking forward to playing and making some different ones soon!