Enough is enough – My craft workspace is not working for me

There’s comes a time when enough is enough.  This happened to me at the end of last year.  After a very busy few months leading up to Christmas, with many craft fairs, customer orders, online selling and keeping my outlets stocked up, my craft workspace/ office looked like a  bomb had hit it.  I had been aware for some time that the layout and storage was not working for me.  I didn’t have enough surface space to work.  My storage was all in the wrong place, there wasn’t anywhere to put the big crates I use to carry products to events, I was tripping over boxes, and nothing was put away.  It was really getting me down.

I made a plan.  I listed what was wrong and what I needed to find storage for.  Then I did extensive online research to find a solution.  It turned out to be a much bigger revamp than I first expected.  Pretty much the whole room was stripped out and replaced with some shiny new furniture from IKEA.  Wow, what a difference having a purpose designed space is making.  I really enjoy being in my new ‘Studio’, whereas before I felt unmotivated and fed up, its now light and bright and having somewhere to put everything means I actually put it away.

I am looking forward to being far more productive and creative in 2017!