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Tomorrow I’m heading off ‘up north’ to The Great Yorkshire Showground, Harrogate to set up for The British Craft Trade Fair.  To be honest I’m relieved that it’s finally arrived, I have been worrying and preparing for my first trade fair for weeks and weeks and weeks.

It’s been a proper roller coaster and I can’t thank Nik enough for his support, patience and endless proof reading.  He’s even coming with me to help on the stand, which is a huge relief as it’s 3 days from 10am to 6pm.

This was a test setup at home for my stand, although the picture frame is going on the wall!

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Doing this trade fair has really made me up my game.  I have completely overhauled my postage stamp kits and they are looking really sexy in their new packaging.  I’ve introduced another 8 cards to my printed range and their might even be some prints of my larger works in the very near future.

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Here’s the new packaging for my kits, the envelopes have an old fashioned button and string closure on the back.  I love them!


See you on the other side…..