Connecting the past to the present with unique, hand-made items made from vintage paper

Imagine if there was an alternative to mass-produced, impersonal greeting cards. What if you could send a card that had a “wow!” reaction.   How about if you could have a piece of unusual contemporary art that was firmly linked to the past and that created warm nostalgic feelings.

Now imagine you could have designed and made just for you, a unique, personalised and hand-made gift that was fun, and that was made from something that had a connection to your history.

Lane End Vintage isn’t same-old, same-old – but ‘old’ is a big part of what we do. We take the old, the tired, the discarded, and make something new and contemporary out of it. Using paper and card from old maps, stamps, books, sheet music and ephemera, we create unique cards, mementos, gifts and pieces of art.

We create unique paper-based items that connect the past to the present.

 Why Lane End Vintage?

You don’t have to settle for mass-produced, boring cards and  gifts. We create simple, classic, contemporary and highly individual items, mostly from paper, that often have a strong link to the past and the nostalgic. This is because we use a lot of paper-based materials that are past their best. Old maps, old books, old sheet music, old postage stamps, anything made from paper! We breathe new life into the things that people throw away.

Yes, we like nostalgia, but we’re not twee and fussy. We don’t overcomplicate. We like the simple, the impressive, the clean and straightforward. At Lane End Vintage, less is often more.

We scour auction rooms, charity shops and attics to find unusual things that we can repurpose into the new. Everything we use is high quality and original, if allowed we sometimes create reproductions but they are always clearly marked. We’re also careful to credit sources and artists when we can and to not infringe anyone’s copyright.

We’re a bit techie as well – we use up-to-the-minute paper cutting technology that helps us produce one-off’s as well as short runs from delicate materials. Our production techniques help us care for and respect the unique and original materials that we use – we only get one chance!

The things we make come in all shapes and sizes and include cards you can send or frame, ready to hang artworks, as well as kits to make some of our signature items.

From software engineer to creative artist via life coaching. How did I get here?

Sue Turner

In 2010 my life changed. Completely. I moved to the Oxfordshire village where I still live, to start a new life with my partner (now my husband). It was a move that we’d been planning for several years and was something we were both very happy about. We found a lovely, spacious, but slightly tired house with plenty of room for us to spread out, just as well as one of them is now my studio!

Unfortunately, life doesn’t always work out as planned and I became completely floored with depression. I’d moved away from my circle of friends, hit menopause, and was isolated.  Over the years I’d had all sorts of careers – I was a computer programmer in the 80s and 90s, then I trained as a life coach and ran a successful coaching and training business, alongside building a direct selling Phoenix Cards team. I was not well enough to develop this in a completely new area where I knew no-one so found myself at a bit of a loose end.

I took time out and developed an interest in buying and selling retro and vintage items on eBay. Finding the Aladdin’s cave that is auction houses with all the weird, wonderful and interesting things really ignited me. As I’ve always been creative and enjoyed making things, I started to find new uses for some of my finds. Bunting and journals made from old books were my first products. I found two local shops to sell them in, and that’s how I got here – I’d become an upcycler!

And that morphed into where I am now – making things from, yes you got it, paper!

I love to see old things given a new lease of life. I love to see old things re-born in a contemporary setting. I also love the creative process and being a bit of a magpie – taking ideas where I can find them and developing new products that celebrate and respect the vintage materials I use.

In 2016 I became a member of West Ox Arts and by the end of the year I was a Trustee.  Immersing myself into the world of ‘proper’ artists was a bit scary but moving out of my comfort zone has been a very positive experience for me and my work continues to develop in ways I could never have imagined.

Sue Turner

Bunting and Journals

The Old Pill Factory 2012

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